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Deep Ellum People: Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano

Deep Ellum People typically focuses on a Deep Ellum business owner or resident who has made an indelible impact on the community, but the focus of this month’s DE People has made a massive effect on Deep Ellum as a public servant who has used his platform to support and shape the district. Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano has served as the city council member for District 2 for eight years and will be ending his time as our council representative this June. We want to share MPT Medrano’s Deep Ellum story and what have been his favorite parts of serving the district. 

Adam Medrano was born in Dallas and has spent his whole life as a resident of the district he serves. In his early 20s, Adam and his friends loved going out in Deep Ellum to visit clubs like The Terminal, ride around the neighborhood, and pop into shows and venues across the district. The Medrano family has long been committed to public service so it is no surprise that the calling also came to Adam early in his life. His grandfather, Pancho Medrano, was a civil rights leader and his aunt, Pauline Medrano, has also served at many levels of government within Dallas. Several members of the Medrano family have pursued public service and it has become the family calling. Instead of becoming a dentist like he originally planned, Adam was tapped to run for the school board. He then became, at the time, the youngest elected official in Dallas when he won the election for the school board position. After serving on the school board for several years and becoming the school board president, Adam felt like he was the best person to run for the D2 council seat when it became available, eight years ago.

Throughout MPT Medrano’s time serving as a city councillor, building relationships with the residents, business owners, organizations, and stakeholders within D2 has allowed Adam to represent the best interests of his district. As a community-minded public servant, Adam ensured he was a frequent visitor to the neighborhood including going to many shows, restaurants, and spots like the Deep Ellum Community Garden, where he held a plot during his time as a Deep Ellum resident. 

After eight years, MPT Medrano has countless fond recollections of Deep Ellum, but some of his favorite memories of his time in Deep Ellum are the Christmas luncheons that he would put on for senior citizens of D2, the opening of the Bomb Factory, the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and the Reimagine Crowdus Initiative. Something that Adam attributes to these memories of Deep Ellum is the fact that people in Deep Ellum show up and are willing to be active parts of their community. When the community of Deep Ellum is excited about something, it is hard to slow them down. 

“If you take a look at it, Deep Ellum is the most diverse entertainment district in Dallas and it’s because Deep Ellum welcomes everyone. There is something for everyone in Deep Ellum.”

We want to take a moment to say a massive thank you to Mayor Pro Tem Medrano for always working for and supporting the Deep Ellum community and the whole D2 district! MPT Medrano wanted to also share his thanks to Deep Ellum: “I just want to thank Deep Ellum, the community, for all the support these last eight years. It has been wonderful and I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be at shows and I’ll still be at restaurants and I’ll still see everyone. The way they made me Deep Ellum family, I really do appreciate it and I feel the love from the community.”

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team