About Deep Ellum


As one of Dallas' first commercial districts for African-Americans and European immigrants, Deep Ellum is one of the most historically and culturally significant neighborhoods in the city. Deep Ellum was established in 1873 as both a residential and commercial neighborhood. Originally called Deep Elm as much of the activity centered around Elm Street just east of downtown Dallas, the pronunciation "Deep Ellum" by residents gave rise to the district's current name.

Deep Ellum Business Community

Deep Ellum is home to a community of over 400 businesses that represent an ever eclectic range of commercial interests. The district's businesses are comprised of independent businesses, mom-and-pop shops and start-ups as well as regionally and nationally recognized brands.

Deep Ellum Community Association

The Deep Ellum Community Association (DECA) is an all-volunteer community group established to keep Deep Ellum a diverse, urban, sustainable walking neighborhood built upon a culture of independent creativity.

Deep Ellum Foundation

The Deep Ellum Foundation (DEF) operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation managing public and private funds within the communi-ty to advance the interests of the neighborhood as a whole and achieve a sustainable growth tra-jectory for the distric now and into the future.