Dallas cultural trail

We believe Dallasrich and complex story deserves to be told in a way that honors its people, its land, and its heart. Built through collaborative partnerships, expert guidance, and the input of our local public, the Dallas Cultural Trail is a curated, 360° experience merging the stories of time, art, and environment into an immersive cultural adventure.

The Dallas Cultural Trail will connect Dallas’ Cultural Districts’ assets, making the richness of local history, arts, and architecture easily available to the public through both digital and physical trail experiences.

“An experience that allows people to engage, interact with, explore, and discover local culture.”

Tourists and locals alike will have the opportunity to learn more about historic sites, arts institutions, publicly viewable art, and distinctive architecture along the trail through physical markers, an integrated website, video and audio recordings, and QR code technology. Regular cultural programming along the trail route will also be offered and advertised.

As the managing entities of the three state-recognized cultural districts, the Dallas Arts District, Deep Ellum Foundation and Fair Park First are partnering with the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture and Visit Dallas to develop and market the initial Dallas Cultural Trail. These partners have teamed up with a steering committee of experts in the arts, history, real estate, transportation and major infrastructure projects to select the initial sites within the three respective cultural districts and develop the trail.

The Dallas Cultural Trail will be developed in 3 phases, starting with piloting a digital application followed by installing publicly viewable artworks at key intervals along the trail route. Finally, wayfinding signage and infrastructure improvements will highlight and encourage visitors to travel upon the new trail. The partner cultural districts will apply for both public and private funding opportunities to support the trail’s ultimate physical development.

Once the Dallas Cultural Trail launches featuring the three state-recognized cultural districts, there will be opportunity to grow and engage more neighborhoods and communities, ultimately creating a loop trail through a range of Dallas’ unique districts each offering distinct cultural experiences.