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Business of the Week: Two Sisters Catering

A cozy lunchtime cafe on Gaston Avenue is also home to a robust catering service you may not know about! Our Business of the Week, Two Sisters Catering, has been bringing a wide range of culinary endeavors to Deep Ellum and beyond since 1999. 

Originally conceived by Connie Chantilis and Rosanne Beck in 1989, Two Sisters Catering started as a boxed lunch delivery service. When the boxed lunch business began booming, Two Sisters expanded their reach by catering small nonprofit events and fundraisers to get their name out there. As their capabilities and event sizes expanded, so did their needs. In 1999, the operation moved to their current location on the outskirts of Deep Ellum. In addition to now having the capacity to cater events like large weddings and galas, Two Sisters had the space to accommodate a cafe space with casual lunch options and take-home meals! Delicious salads, sandwiches, hot plates, and top-notch baked goods await any lunch visit to Two Sisters. 

Looking for more than a quick lunch stop? Two Sisters’ is ready to support your next event from corporate lunches, galas, weddings, and private parties and you won’t be disappointed by their stellar lineup of canapes, buffets, and plated meals. 


Instagram: @cateringtwosisters

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team