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Business of the Week: Proper Wax

A new business quietly opened on Main Street this December, just in time for some holiday shopping. Right within the U-shape of Archer Paper Goods is its sister business, Proper Wax.

Walking in, you can feel a similar vibe to Archer, as well as the other sister — Merchant (Lower Greenville) — as you take in clean, beautiful smells from the candle-lined walls.

And it is a good stop while you’re in Deep Ellum doing any holiday shopping. Now, before you start thinking this is a place for your basic candle, be assured it’s not.

We stopped in to check it out, and we were told these candles are specially picked for being some of the best quality. Among the evergreen (that’s yearlong, not the actual evergreen smell) scents are some super wintery ones right now, making it a worthy stop for gifts and yourself.

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team