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Deep Ellum People: Rosie & Ian Caruth of Dallas Comedy Club

In the heart of a city with a burgeoning comedy scene, Rosie & Ian Caruth are committing to giving that community a home through their new Deep Ellum business, Dallas Comedy Club! Before the grand opening on September 1st, we were thrilled to get to hear more about their story, their hopes for Dallas Comedy Club, and why they believe in Dallas as one of the next great comedy cities. 

Ian’s roots are in Far North Dallas but his comedy journey started when he left the city and moved across the country bouncing from California to Arizona and landing in New York City. Along this journey, Ian took an interest in comedic writing and eventually finding himself on stage through improv performances. Rosie spent her life in California where her love for comedy launched her across the country to the east coast as well. Although with differing points of origin, Rosie and Ian’s lives collided in New York City following an improv show, of course, uniting their creative pursuits and life partnership.

After many years in New York, Rosie and Ian’s lives were brought to Dallas where Deep Ellum became a neighborhood that drew them in immediately. After growing in Dallas during a time where Deep Ellum was experiencing a low point, Ian was thrilled to see Deep Ellum overflowing with creative spirit and Rosie found a district that was the first in the city that replicated the energy of the neighborhoods she loved in Manhattan. 

After coming from one of the nation’s major comedy cities where live comedy could be found every night of the week, Rosie and Ian found themselves missing that piece of the culture until they first were welcomed into Dallas Comedy House. After attending an improv workshop graduation for Ian’s brother, the couple got the spark and began attending workshops and performing at Dallas Comedy House. The communal atmosphere of DCH was incredibly appealing to them as it offered them the type of comedy home they had craved when they first began performing years before. When the pandemic forced DCH to close, Rosie and Ian couldn’t stand not having the comedic home base they have come to rely on and love.

Although not considered one of the major comedy cities, Dallas has begun to make a case for itself as a player for local comedians to launch their careers without having to make the trek to New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. As Dallas’ comedy in the city has developed, with many impressive troupes and stand ups like Raj Sharma and Paul Varghese, Rosie and Ian knew they couldn’t miss the opportunity to support live comedy that opening their own club offered. Deep Ellum became the clear choice for them as the previous DCH space was available and already primed for comedy use and the neighborhood offers an energy that the duo found undeniable. 

To say that Rosie and Ian are thrilled to finally open their doors to the public is an understatement! Between serving as a clubhouse for local comedians to work and socialize, offering a stellar menu of food and drinks, constant programming of local and national comedians, and being a place where funny is always happening, Dallas Comedy Club is ready to serve the comedy community and the comedy-loving public!

Ready to experience where funny happens? Dallas Comedy Club has a stacked Grand Opening Week from September 1st through the 6th featuring tons of improv and stand up plus live music, karaoke, and comedy workshops! 


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