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Business of the Week: Dallas Stage Scenery

Deep Ellum is primarily known for bars, restaurants, and live music, but nestled between the district’s lively venues, creators are undertaking specialized projects every day! One excellent example of Deep Ellum’s lesser known creative forces, Dallas Stage Scenery, works behind the scenes of artistic ventures across the city.

If you have been to the theater or seen a live production over the past several years, our Business of the Week is likely to thank for the gorgeous stage sets and designs you saw, Dallas Stage Scenery has been creating theatrical experiences nationwide for 50 years! Run by Lance Baker & Rick Miller, the company’s business model was and is to be a supportive and collaborative construction house for the visions of clients. Started in 1970, Dallas Stage Scenery has created works for clients ranging from small churches to international opera houses.

Dallas Stage Scenery’s artists and craftsmen are masters of fabrication and sculpting which help elevate their projects to the next level. In addition to their specialized building and design services, Dallas Stage Scenery has an array of props that are ideal for live entertainment and sets. 

Looking for a full-scale custom project or simply in need of renting a stage, pipe and drape, or curtains for a future event? The team at Dallas Stage Scenery is a breeze to work with and will make certain that your project gets the treatment it deserves! 


Instagram: @dallasstagescenery

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Author: Deep Ellum Team