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Deep Ellum People: Mike Snider

Many know Mike Snider as the owner of AllGood Cafe, but he was a Deep Ellum regular long before celebrating 20 years of service at his much-loved restaurant. He first began frequenting in Deep Ellum in the mid-1980s and spent much of his time helping cater for his friends Brian Hennington, of Deep Ellum Cafe, and Jack Chaplin, of Daddy Jack’s Wood Grill. In 1994, Mike Snider launched “mike snider presents,” his music booking enterprise, with a show on January 14th at Sons of Hermann Hall. Mike used his passion for music to bring Western Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Rockabilly, Folk, Texas singer/songwriters, Zydeco, Punk Bluegrass, Americana, and more to the stages of Deep Ellum. Mike spent three years as the talent buyer for the Gypsy Tea Room (which he named), before opening AllGood Cafe in the summer of 2000, where he continues to book and support local and national talent. Since its opening, AllGood Cafe has been a bedrock of simple and delicious fare in the neighborhood and is still serving many of the items found on the original menu, such as the grilled cheese with roasted green chiles and chicken fried steak. A meal at AllGood Cafe is a rite of passage for frequenters of Deep Ellum and Mike and his team have ensured that its welcoming and eclectic atmosphere brings happiness to all that enter their doors.

“AllGood Cafe is just my reflection of everything I love: food, music, people, fun, and this neighborhood. It has always been the one that has drawn me”

Thank you to Mike for his many years of dedication to Deep Ellum through music, food, and using those outlets to bring people together.


Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team