Deep Ellum Business Community

Deep Ellum is home to a community of over 400 businesses. Since its founding in 1873, Deep Ellum has been associated with an ever eclectic range of commercial interests. From the theaters, gambling halls, and pawn shops of the 1920s to the punk rock venues and industrial warehouses of the 1980s to the bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and creative offices of today, Deep Ellum has continually fostered an atmosphere of entrepreneurship. The district is home to independent businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and start-ups as well as regionally and nationally recognized brands. Together, they form a symbiotic ecosystem with architects and design shops inspired by local artists, restaurants collaborating with music venues and craft breweries, and technology firms from Mark Cuban’s first business,, to Uber have been drawn to make the district home.

Without this remarkable history of community-oriented businesses continually inspiring a diverse range of entrepreneurs to invest in the neighborhood, Deep Ellum would not be the district it is today. Learn more about the businesses and business owners that shape Deep Ellum on our blog.