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Business of the Week: Power BAR Women’s Fitness

On the quiet, eastern edge of Main Street, lush trees canopy the one-lane street where cyclists make their way to and from the Santa Fe Trail and Deep Ellum. Historic buildings — both the warehouse type and early 20th-century one-storied — flank this end as you get closer to Cold Beer Company. You’ll also find […] Read More >

Business of the Week: Sweetgreen

Some days, after plenty of glorious meals including hot dogs, burgers, nachos and salmon bagels with generous amounts of cream cheese, your body starts to want something else. Something vibrant, green and nourishing beyond your emotional comfort. That’s when you walk to Sweetgreen, the new salad-focused addition on Main Street near Good Latimer Expressway. The […] Read More >

Business of the Week: Electric Shuffle

“Nightclubs? They’d Rather Play Shuffleboard and Jenga.” When reading this recent headline from The New York Times, we’re once again grateful that out of everywhere in the country UK-based Electric Shuffle chose to open, they did so in the heart of Deep Ellum. The large brick building that was once a warehouse still stands tall […] Read More >
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