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Community Initiatives: Black History Month & Women’s History Month Banner Designs

We are incredibly thrilled to share the new installment of Deep Ellum Banners, called Deep Roots! As a celebration of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March), the six new banner designs were created by local Black and Female artists. The designs, curated by Brandy Michele Adams of WAAS Gallery, recognize the accomplishments and achievements of Black and Female figures in Deep Ellum’s history and look forward to its future.

Deep Ellum was founded and built in 1873 by freedmen and their families and served as the historic center of Black life in Dallas. Since its earliest days, from the jazz musicians of the 1920s to the shop owners and professionals who called the district home, the influence of the African American community has made an indelible impact on Deep Ellum and is largely the reason why the district is thriving today. In a similar manner, women have made a profound impact on the shaping of Deep Ellum both in its past and present. From legendary club owners to the entrepreneurs who have launched some of Deep Ellum’s most significant stores and brands, women continue to push Deep Ellum forward. 

The six artists selected to design the new streetlight poles are, Jeremy Biggers, Ebony Lewis, JD Moore, Shamsy, Molly Sydnor, and Brooklynd Turner.

View each of the selected artist’s banner designs and learn more about them and their work:

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