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Call for Artists: Celebrate “All Comers” on Deep Ellum’s Streetlight Pole Banners

Call For Artists

More than 200 streetlights in Deep Ellum carry the work of local artists on banners that celebrate the neighborhood by reflecting the history, community and creative spirit of the area.

New streetlight pole banners are featured two to three times per year. The current banners were designed by several local artists from Deep Ellum’s four tattoo shops. The next round is an exciting opportunity for any local artist to submit for the “All Comers” theme.

The Deep Ellum Foundation will work with local artists to curate a collection of banners on the theme of “All Comers.” This call for artists will allow any local artist to submit an application to be voted on by a committee of Deep Ellum stakeholders.

Thematic Inspiration:

Part of what makes Deep Ellum great is its history of being a welcoming neighborhood for all who come to it. Deep Ellum was founded as a freedmen’s town in 1873 and quickly became a commercial center including for businesses owned by immigrants from Eastern Europe as well as African Americans. While African Americans were not allowed to try on clothing in stores in downtown Dallas, for example, they could come to Deep Ellum to shop, do business and enjoy cultural offerings and entertainment. Over the decades, Deep Ellum has retained that spirit of welcome as artists, musicians, residents and entrepreneurs of all stripes have called Deep Ellum home. Today, there is an incredible diversity of people who live, work and play in the district, and the goal of the “All Comers” theme is to celebrate that diversity and legacy of acceptance.

The Specifics:

  • Artist will submit a high-resolution, digital copy of a 24”x 49” piece of artwork reflecting the thematic inspiration as stated above.
  • The artwork may have a small artist signature in the bottom left corner of the piece.
  • Please include the wording “Deep Ellum” somewhere within the design, as these banners are promotional for the neighborhood as a whole and are a place-making marketing tool.
  • Please also include the wording “est. 1873” somewhere on the banner or leave appropriate space for DEF to add this language to the design submitted.
  • Although the banner size is 24”x49” the primary design must fit within 20“x43” to avoid being cut-off when printed. (Download this PDF for specific guidance so the bleed matches your art.)
  • Other promotional logos, ads, language, etc. are not permitted directly on Deep Ellum Public Improvement District banners (per agreement with the City of Dallas that the local banners be used strictly for district identification).
  • The Deep Ellum Foundation may request other language incorporated within the design be removed, if need be, to ensure cohesion of the designs.
  • The Deep Ellum Foundation will print and install the banners to be displayed for no less than 3 months in 2022 with the option to re-display the banners in future years.

Artist Eligibility:

Eligible artists must be 19 years or older. Artists who reside in Dallas, Deep Ellum and/or have history in, as well as knowledge, of Deep Ellum are preferred.

Artist Compensation:

Each selected artist will receive $300 for their design.

Submission Requirements:

  1. A PDF or image of the artist’s proposed design for the street pole banner. This may be a draft work to be finalized, if selected. (There’s a preference for two design options to be submitted per artist with one ultimately being finalized and showcased).
  2. A brief description shared of the inspiration for the piece and artist’s experience in Deep Ellum including how Deep Ellum has impacted your career as an artist and as a creative, if applicable.
  3. Artist bio or resume.
  4. Artist headshot.

Email your submission to by 5 p.m. Saturday, May 7, 2022,
with the subject line “All Comers Banner submission”.


About the Deep Ellum Foundation:

The Deep Ellum Foundation operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation managing public and private funds within the community to advance the interests of the neighborhood as a whole and achieve a sustainable growth trajectory for the district now and into the future.

Vision: At the Deep Ellum Foundation, we collectively envision a Deep Ellum neighborhood that is safe, secure, inviting, connected to surrounding districts and is a true live, work, play environment that simultaneously embodies an authentic, unique and vibrant community.

Mission: To achieve this vision, the Deep Ellum Foundation serves to maintain, enhance and advocate on behalf of the Deep Ellum neighborhood. We do this by:

  • Connecting and informing stakeholders
  • Providing public safety services
  • Maintaining and improving the built environment
  • Marketing and promoting the area, and
  • Cultivating core assets including art, music, culture, entrepreneurship and diversity that continuously spur the community to thrive.

Questions? Contact Taylor Adams Cogan at

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team