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Looking to the New Year: Normalcy, Creativity & Food

The new year is in full swing. Needless to say, many are ready to move well beyond 2020 and even beyond 2021. Here’s what some Deep Ellum neighbors are looking forward to in this fresh, new year:

AllGood Cafe
Mike Snider

I look forward to getting our block back to normal.

Angry Dog
John Little

Dare we hope for a return to some level of normalcy for 2022? That would be nice.  We’re also hoping that we will finally get to celebrate our 30th Anniversary (+2) during 2022.

Armoury, Ruins
Peter Novotny

We look forward to seeing Deep Ellum continue its ascent out of the last couple turbulent years. As the dust settles after all the chaos and confusion, we’re really excited to witness the inevitable proliferation of so many new creative ideas we have already begun to see in the arts, live music and bar and restaurant culture. We hope 2022 brings about a better sense of unity between us all, and we’re just really pumped up to be able to continue playing a small part of the Deep Ellum scene.

Brunch at Armoury on Elm Street

Blade Craft Barber Academy
Madison Wynn

In 2022, we are looking forward to relaunching our opportunity solutions program for low-income students who need assistance in launching their barbering career.

Booty’s Street Food
Stephanie Tran

2020 and 2021 have been challenging, but we’re so thankful to all who have supported us, especially through the pandemic. We’re looking forward to continue serving food and drinks to our Deep Ellum and Dallas-Fort Worth community and to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the LGBTQIA+ community, as well.

Crossroads Trading
Bridgette Marshall

This upcoming year, I am excited for Deep Ellum to be growing and thriving in so many creative ways!

Dallas Comedy Club
Rosie Caruth

We are thrilled to be hosting Texas Comedy Festival, March 23-27, 2022! Follow us on social media for updates and headliner announcements coming soon!

Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Marcus Hernandez

We’re looking to move forward with positivity and momentum that keeps us moving into 2022. Hoping to bring back the crowds and make live music a lifestyle again while spreading the LOVE!

Deep Ellum Distillery
Rachel Martin

We are most looking forward to meeting new people next year and hopefully having more events, bar crawls, art shows, etc. to fill Deep Ellum up in 2022! We will be releasing new products next year, as well!

The Lead Belly whiskey sour and mi paloma cocktails at Deep Ellum Distillery

Flea Style
SaraMae Maruyama

What we are most excited for 2022 is continuing to support unique style, creative spirits and small businesses.

Ichigoh Ramen Lounge
Mie Itoh

We are looking forward to serving our customers authentic and traditional bowls of ramen and appetizers. We would love for more people to know and experience real Japanese culture and flavors. Please look forward to new specials we are planning to serve this year!

John Fluevog Shoes

Being this is our first year here in Deep Ellum, I am looking forward to more new businesses coming into Deep Ellum and for John Fluevog Shoes to continue to grow our business here and all over the world.

Kettle Art Gallery
Paula Harris

2022 is going to be a fantastic year in Deep Ellum. The neighborhood is buzzing with the best mix of shops, restaurants and music venues that we’ve ever had, which makes this the prime time for adventures and good times with friends.

Latino Cultural Center
Benjamin Espino

Being an integral component of the Deep Ellum Cultural District as designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts, the Latino Cultural Center with the recently completed expansion of its multi-form theater space will continue to provide diverse Latino/a arts and cultural programming in 2022.

Life in Deep Ellum/Mokah Coffee & Tea
Carrie Norwood

Life in Deep Ellum is looking forward to forming new relationships in the neighborhood, reuniting with old community partners and hiring our lead pastor in 2022.

Louie Louie’s Piano Bar
Paul Trausch

We are looking forward to business conventions coming back in full swing in 2022!

Maracas Cocina Mexicana
Vanessa Herrera

We are looking forward to growing as a business and a community.

Murray Street Coffee Shop
Doug Davis

What we are looking forward to for Deep Ellum this year is residents emerging from their cocoons, mingling freely without need for masks and sharing notes on the art, music and business that have always defined this neighborhood with no threat of violence.

Saul Castaneda

As a team, we’re looking forward to making Deep Ellum (more) green — for us this means expanding recycling, continuing to host trash cleanups and getting more of our neighbors on board implementing sustainable practices in all facets. Also excited to hear that a few more trees are being added in the area based on the Urban Forest Master Plan.

Punch Bowl Social
Kevin Martinez

We’re looking forward to rolling out a new menu and having all activities and restaurant space 100% open.

Quixotic World Magical Event Space
Eric Sacks

I’m looking forward to a year of inspiration and connection with my fellow beings on this planet

Sons of Hermann Hall
Amber Morchower

Sons of Hermann Hall is excited to ring in the 2022 New Year! Cheers to the New Year and another chance to get it right!

The Sporting Club, Blüm
Jonathan Valz

We’re looking forward to the opening of Vice Park Nightclub later in 2022!

Three Links
Scott Beggs

We’re looking forward to a healthier and happier 2022 for our staff, guests and neighbors.

Terry Black’s BBQ
Robert Talamantez

We’re looking forward to being a part of the Deep Ellum community for another year, letting our customers know that brisket is king and reminding everyone that Terry Black’s BBQ is a wonderful place to bring the whole family. We’re excited to see what the future holds, and hope we can continue to give everyone the meat sweats with a smile.

A small feast at Terry Black’s

Vogue Hair Showroom & Salon

We’re looking forward to seeing more visitors in the new year along with the opening of our photo studio.

Dallas City Council, District 2
Jesse Moreno

I look forward to seeing the neighborhood thrive by safely welcoming people to live, work and play in Deep Ellum. My family and I will continue to be patrons of its restaurants, support its creatives and explore everything that makes Deep Ellum great.

Deep Ellum Community Association
Breonny Lee

I am definitely most excited about the Deep Ellum Community Association partnering with neighborhood organizations and stakeholders to bring the Deep Ellum Community Center project to fruition. Within that, I’m particularly excited about collaborating with local artists to breathe life into Deep Ellum’s first comprehensive history exhibit.

Jessica Öeffner

I hope that part of the normalcy that comes back is the residents looking out for one another and having our meetups. We’ve kind of been forced to become spectators in our own neighborhood because of all of the irresponsible strangers. Even if we can’t safely go east of Malcolm X past dark most nights of the week right now, I hope we manage to figure out how to keep our community tight knit and looking out for one another.

Shane Orr

The impact of the pandemic over the past couple of years has been felt socially and economically by all, Deep Ellum is no exception. This year in 2022, however, I am excited to see the growth in Deep Ellum continue, especially development in the east end of Deep Ellum where I live. Change is the only constant. I’m also hopeful we return to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy, where business doors are consistently open, friends are gathering and live music is playing!

Steve Reeves

I can imagine that most of us are looking for the same basic thing: For the pandemic to come to a conclusion so we can get back to normal. Deep Ellum is busting at the seams already, and I think there’s a lot of lost potential the longer it continues.

Deep Ellum Foundation
Stephanie Hudiburg

I am looking forward to seeing our businesses come back strong from the most-recent Omicron strain and the pandemic finally receding in 2022 so this neighborhood can continue to offer incomparable experiences every day of the year to all comers. I also look forward to spending the year preparing for and planning to celebrate a full year of history, culture, arts,  diverse contributors and events in honor of Deep Ellum’s 150th anniversary in 2023!

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team