Question & Answer

How do I get there and where do I park?

Getting to Deep Ellum is easy.  We have two DART Rail stations on the Green Line (Deep Ellum Station and they Baylor Station).  Street parking on Elm, Main and Commerce is metered, but free before 6pm during the week.  There are plenty of several inexpensive public parking lots administered by the City of Dallas near Good Latimer Expressway near Main Street and Canton Street.  And there are ample private parking lots on Elm, Main and Commerce Streets.  Deep Ellum is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Dallas, and is filled with bicycles as well and is easy to get around once you are here!

People tell me Deep Ellum is not safe, is that true?

No.  Deep Ellum has always suffered from a bad crime rap that bears little relation to reality.  Statistically, we are one of the safer neighborhoods around, especially for one with such a vibrant entertainment district.  As with any urban environment, use good, common sense - don't leave items of value exposed in your car, don't give money to panhandlers, etc.  But don't believe the bs - just come on down and see for yourself!

How do I send out notice of a Deep Ellum event?

In general, we use, the Deep Ellum Facebook page, and the Deep Ellum Texas Newsletter (email) to promote Deep Ellum issues, news (accolades, business birthdays, characters and issues in the news, etc.), community events (i.e. events with a charity or community component), new businesses (to help get them launched) and historical stories.    If it is a one-time event, send your info to and we will see about getting it posted.

I have an idea to suggest, an issue to raise, or a problem affecting my Deep Ellum business. Who do I contact?

Send an email to DECA volunteers at m and we will forward your question to the appropriate people or group who can help.

How can I get involved?

Come to our "First Sunday at Sons" event on the first Sunday of every month at 6:30pm at Sons of Hermann Hall to meet new friends and introduce yourself or your business.  From there, you can find out how to get further involved. Become a fan of the Deep Ellum Facebook page to get up to date news, and be sure to sign up for the Newsletter on the front page of this site.

What are the different community groups in Deep Ellum?

The Deep Ellum Community Association (DECA) is a 12 member board composed of Deep Ellum business owners, artists, property owners, community group leaders, and anyone else with an interest in Deep Ellum. DECA's mission is to protect and promote Deep Ellum as a diverse, urban, sustainable walking neighborhood based on a culture of independent creativity.  DECA Projects include the Deep Ellum Urban Gardens, DEEP, the Deep Ellum Mural Project, etc.   The Deep Ellum Foundation (DEF) is a 501c3 composed of Deep Ellum property owners.  DEF contracts with the City to administer the Public Improvement District funds for Deep Ellum.

What is this website? is a project of the Deep Ellum Community Association to provide a united voice for Deep Ellum and the beginning point for anyone who wants to find out more about our community's history, organizations, businesses, arts, and vibe.  Along with the Deep Ellum Facebook page and email newsletter, it provides a place to find out about all things Deep Ellum.  Special thanks to the Deep Ellum Foundation for providing the initial funding.