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Deep Ellum Open Studios – September 18, 2021

Deep Ellum has been a haven for artists and those with a creative spirit since its earliest days. To celebrate those creative spirits, Deep Ellum Open Studios was created to honor the artistic core and legacy of the Deep Ellum neighborhood. On Saturday, Sept. 18, from 11:00am-5:00pm, locals and visitors can attend the event which is a one day, jam-packed event featuring visual arts, artist tours, an artisan market, and live muraling.

Returning for its third year, Deep Ellum Open Studios is an event that allows Deep Ellum patrons and art-lovers a chance to experience the spaces where local creatives are at work. The galleries participating are Deep Ellum Art Co., Kettle Art, Maestri Gallery and The Umbrella Gallery. After visiting the galleries, attendees can visit Chet Morrison Studios, Energy Gardens, Deep Vellum Publishing, and more. In between visiting studios and art galleries, attendees can watch artists Alec DeJesus, Alicia Chapman and Armando Aguirre will be muraling live at 210 Trunk Avenue.

“Since 1873, Deep Ellum has served as a workshop and launching pad for visual artists and creatives of all stripes. Deep Ellum Open Studios is our way of paying homage to those whose creations in the past spurred Deep Ellum to thrive and also to promote the artists of today that make Deep Ellum the most vibrant district in Dallas,” says Micah Bires, the Deep Ellum Foundation Marketing Manager.

On the day of the event, local artists will host an artist market at the Plaza at Harlowe MXM (2821 Main Street), allowing maximum distance for patrons to view and purchase artwork as well as meet the artists. While viewing works of art from DTOX, WAAS Gallery Artist Collective, Eric Wagliardo, CitySquare artists and many more, visitors can enjoy live music from Remy Reilly and DJ Trikky Bombradio.

“We hope that Deep Ellum Open Studios 2021 will allow Deep Ellum patrons and art lovers to discover a new talent whose work they connect to while deepening their appreciation for all of the district’s creators and artists.”

Learn more at or @deepellumopenstudios and be sure to RSVP to the event via the Facebook event page!

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team