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Business of the Week: The Power Station

A major part of Deep Ellum’s culture and history is due to the power of the creative arts. One of the homes and champions of arts and culture in the district is our #businessoftheweek, The Power Station. A non-profit initiative, The Power Station is dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary arts in Dallas. 

Housed in a historic building on Commerce Street, The Power Station was founded in 2007 by Alden Pinnell and had its first show in 2011. The gallery derived its name from its location – built-in 1920 as a Dallas Power & Light Substation, the building is now a wide-open warehouse space where visiting artists can utilize the space however they choose. The Georgian-inspired building was created to bring an artistic touch to a normally utilitarian building, and now its sweeping windows and ornate flourishes hint at what awaits you inside, highly curated and site-specific installations.

Bringing an artist-driven and experimental home for arts has been the goal of The Power Station from day one. Each show that runs there brings fully singular and diverse experiences to Deep Ellum and to the Dallas arts community as a whole. With a slew of national and global emerging artists bringing exhibits to the space, The Power Station hopes to act as a place for conversation and discourse about the arts to emerge and shape what is happening locally. 

Currently The Power Station is showing Factory Settings, a collection of works by AAPI artists, through August 21st. 


Instagram: @the_power_station

Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team