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Business of the Week: Barrington Gifts

“Valuable Gifts Made by Valuable People” is the motto of our #businessoftheweek, Barrington Gifts. As a retailer that sells the highest quality totes, leather goods, bags, and fine accessories, Barrington has always been proud to have products that exude quality and consistency. However, to them, their business is about more than what they sell, but the way in which they create their goods and treat those who are part of their team.

Located on Canton Street in Deep Ellum since 2016, but in business for over 25 years, Barrington’s gorgeous and understated showroom is a delightful place to experience their brand as well as see their extensive lineup of products. Although their showroom has nestled quietly into the neighborhood, the company is making noise globally in the practice of how retailers treat their employees. 

Unfortunately, the practice of businesses treating overseas manufacturers and employees poorly is commonplace and frankly, has become the norm for the retail industry. Barrington is seeking to change that. When Barrington was able to purchase their own factory several years ago, the issue of most importance to them was to ensure their employees were treated with value, respect, and fairness. In pursuing that mission, Barrington has created a factory that pays equitable wages, employs individuals with special needs and disabilities, and assists factory employees with paying bills for living, healthcare, and other necessities.

When you purchase a Barrington product, you can be confident that you are not only getting a handcrafted luxury product, you are helping Barrington actively pursue and extend their practices of treating every person with value!


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Deep Ellum Team
Author: Deep Ellum Team