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getting here

As a district that came of age in the street car era, Deep Ellum is wonderfully walk-able and simple to navigate. Like many urban neighborhoods, there are many ways to get into and out of the neighborhood!


Metered street parking spots are available throughout the district and are free from 12:00am-6:00pm everyday. When the meters are running, you can pay by coin or by using the PARK MOBILE APP.

There are also both public and private parking lots available across the neighborhood that require differing amounts of payment from $5-$15. All parking lots have easy pay machines and do not have an attendant that collects payment. Check out our interactive map to scope out parking options before you arrive.

transportation options

Deep Ellum Rideshare Flow Zones

To ease congestion and related public safety concerns as well as enhance the customer experience in Deep Ellum, a comprehensive traffic mitigation plan has recently gone into effect. The Deep Ellum Foundation in collaboration with the City of Dallas will pilot designated Rideshare Flow Zones. Beginning on June 11th, the hours of operation for the Flow Zones will be tailored to Friday at 9:00pm to Sunday at 3:00am.

The designated Flow Zones will provide customers continued access within 1 to 2 blocks of the core area of activity in Deep Ellum while improving traffic flow and emergency vehicle access. Zone identification and wayfinding signage as well as local promotion combined with geo-fencing and venue technology implemented on the rideshare apps will notify rideshare customers. Learn more about the Deep Ellum’s Flow Zones and comprehensive transportation plans on the Deep Ellum Foundation website!


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Dockless Electric Scooters

App-based electric scooters are available in Deep Ellum for your use to get to and from as well as around the neighborhood. Important: remember that it is prohibited to ride scooters on the sidewalks in Deep Ellum. Additionally, scooters are rendered inoperable in Deep Ellum after 10:00pm nightly to promote public safety in this busy pedestrian district. The Dallas Police Department and Department of Transportation issue tickets to violators of these restrictions.

Please take safety precautions to protect yourself and those around you while operating electric scooters in Deep Ellum such as:

  • Wear a helmet · Ride one person per scooter
  • Do not ride against the flow of traffic
  • When parking scooters, park upright on the sidewalk and do not block walkway
  • Children under the age of 16 may not legally ride scooters


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